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Meet our Global Poverty Fighters

Edith Mbanga,

This is Edith Mbanga, a Global Poverty Fighter from Windhoek, Namibia. Edith moved to Namibia as a young woman and rented a small room for her husband and 8 children. When her hairdressing clients saw her living conditions, they suggested she join other women to save money to get a house. Edith joined a savings group and, through learning from other women from the SDI network, she was able to save money to get a home for her family. Since then, Edith has been working hard to make sure that women and their families in Namibia and across Africa have a safe roof over their heads.
Meet the Global Poverty Fighters

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Featured Projects

Book Binding Project

You can support Diana and her savings group by contributing towards the purchase of raw materials like adhesive and book binding needles, or you can help her train more women from the community make work books. There are hundreds of women across Jinja interested in starting livelihoods projects like Diana’s. You can help them reach their goals by providing general support to livelihoods development in Jinja.
Support Diana by contributing towards the purchase of raw materials, help her train more women, or support livelihoods projects like Diana’s for women across Jinja.
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Jinja Materials Training Centre

For the organized urban poor problems are opportunities. The elders in the Jinja Federation, concerned that so many of their youth were unemployed, hit upon the idea of manufacturing building materials themselves. That is how the Jinja Materials Workshop was conceived. Before long the Jinja Federation constructed a building materials workshop where youth from Jinja’s slum are trained to manufacture affordable and eco-friendly building materials. The site has now become a learning centre for the manufacturing of innovative, climate-friendly building materials. At the same time it gives local youth valuable skills training and small but regular income from the sale of their products. But more than half the youth in Uganda’s second largest city are still unemployed and there are many public facilities and houses to be built. Joseph Serunjogi and the federation in Jinja need help to make that happen, and in other parts of Uganda, more Federation groups are requesting support to start similar income-generating projects of their own.
You can support Joseph and the Jinja Federation by contributing towards training more youth in the Jinja Materials Workshop, or you can help the Uganda federation extend this project to other cities where the demand for youth employment, public amenities, and houses is just as high.
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Craft Beer Widows

When we visited the Craft Beer Widows at their tavern in Jinja, it was packed. But it is one thing manufacturing and producing enough beer to live from hand to mouth. It is another thing to create a sustainable small business. The Craft Beer Widows need your support to purchase ingredients like millet, sorghum, and yeast, to upgrade their equipment, and to provide training to more women so that they can take their production and sales to the next level. In addition, there are hundreds of other women in savings groups across Jinja who have been inspired by the Craft Beer Widows to start their own livelihoods projects and need your support to get things started.
Support Joyce and her savings group by contributing towards the purchase of millet, sorghum and yeast and beer brewing equipment, or you can offer livelihood support for other women in Jinja interested in starting small businesses like this one.
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Kikoy Making

Kangas and Kikoyis are very popular forms of clothing throughout East Africa. Kikoyis are known for their beautiful colours, and Kangas are known for the messages (“jina”) that are printed along their borders. There is a common Swahili Proverb that says “a woman can’t be happy until she has a thousand Kangas”. Rahma and her friends have given this saying a twist, saying that “a woman can’t be happy until she can make and sell a thousand Kangas” While Rahma and her savings group are doing their part to meet this goal, they need your help to make it a reality.
You can help Rahma and her group by contributing towards the purchase of raw materials such as cotton and dye or towards new sewing machines, or you help other women in the savings group to start kikoyi & kanga businesses of their own
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