SDI puts people at the center of the fight to end global urban poverty.

Your donation supports SDI’s Global Poverty Fighters to create alternatives to forced evictions by transforming the slums of our cities into resilient, inclusive neighborhoods.


You too can be a Global Poverty Fighter.

Our Global Poverty Fighters are community leaders from slums in Africa, Asia, and Latin America on the frontlines of the struggle to create inclusive, resilient cities for all.

This is Edith Mbanga, a Global Poverty Fighter from Windhoek, Namibia. Edith moved to Namibia as a young woman and rented a small room for her husband and 8 children. When her hairdressing clients saw her living conditions, they suggested she join other women to save money to get a house. Edith joined a savings group and, through learning from other women from the SDI network, she was able to save money to get a home for her family. Since then, Edith has been working hard to make sure that women and their families in Namibia and across Africa have a safe roof over their heads.
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Khadija Kingi is a Global Poverty Fighter from Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Khadija lives in an overcrowded settlement with no water, toilets or roads. Having heard about SDI, and how, through daily savings, communities could provide themselves with much needed services, Khadija joined the Tanzania Federation. Years later, Khadija continues to save daily to realise a brighter future not only for herself but for her community as well. Through the SDI network, Khadija has learnt that it is possible for people to organize and plan for themselves. The work that the federation does is for the benefit of the entire community and not just the federation.
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This is Sarah Nandudu, a Global Poverty Fighter from Jinja, Uganda. Sarah grew up in the slums of Jinja and continues to live there with her family, earning a living as a market vendor. Sarah joined the federation in 2008 and continues to save daily as a member of the Bring Amber Court Members to Unite (BAMU) savings group. Through the SDI network, Sarah realized the power of the collective and how tangible outcomes can be achieved through savings. Today, Sarah represents the voice of the urban poor around the world to move herself and countless other women out of the challenging circumstances they face.
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This is Rose Molokoane, a Global Poverty Fighter from Oukasie - an informal settlement near Pretoria, South Africa where Rose spent her early years living in a small shack with her family. When she joined a savings group in Oukasie, Rose began to see how she could make a difference in the fight for land and housing for herself and countless other urban poor women. Today, Rose is an internationally recognized grassroots activist, representing the voice of the urban poor from the halls of city councils to the United Nations.
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Joseph Muturi grew up in Kibera, one of the largest slums in Nairobi, Kenya. Muturi became a Global Poverty Fighter in 1998, when the market in Kibera, where his mother and hundreds of other traders worked, was demolished and the traders were evicted. Since then, Muturi has worked tirelessly to prevent and seek alternatives to evictions in Nairobi and worldwide. Today he travels the world building a network of Global Poverty Fighters and giving voice to the struggles of the urban poor.
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Joyce Lungu is a Global Poverty Fighter from Lusaka, Zambia. Joyce has lived her whole life in an informal settlement, forcing her to seek out creative, homegrown solutions to urban poverty from an early age. When Joyce linked up with the Zambian Federation, she transformed from a shy woman to a vibrant change-maker in her community. Joyce has inspired other women to join savings schemes and take up leadership roles in their communities. Today she is a Global Poverty Fighter working with slum dwellers worldwide to transform the slums of their cities.
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Payroll Giving

Payroll Giving is an easy and efficient way to support SDIs projects. It allows employees to donate to us by giving their employers permission for a part of their salary to be deducted from their gross salary. Individuals can give as much as they like.
To set up a Payroll Giving Scheme please contact us via Your corporate will be given a Donor Code for this account. Your employees can then choose to sign up for the scheme by completing a consent form to authorise their deductions. Your Payroll Department (HR) will simply deduct the money from the employees' gross salary and transfer the donations to SDI.
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Corporate Partnerships

The support of corporations helps millions of women across the global South to transform their settlements. With a network across 32 countries, SDI offers our partners the opportunity to fulfil their social responsibility objectives through an organisation with a proven track record.
We are also grateful for donations in kind. Please let us know if you have a skill or resource you think would be useful to our federations.
Contact our team to begin a unique partnership that will see us building a unique programme and/or marketing partnership.
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Trusts & Foundations

We recognize the important role that Trusts and Foundations play in the development sector. The support we have received over the years from various Trusts and Foundations has helped women across the global South to significantly transform their lives and those of their families.
If you are a trustee or have links with a charitable Trust or Foundation and would love to hear more about what we do, please get in touch. We would love to explore new opportunities and form partnerships with those who share our vision and values.
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