Centre for Community Organisation & Development (CCODE)

CCODE is a non profit organization founded in 2003 that believes purposeful action is needed to promote the inclusion of the poor in development. Among other things, CCODE aims at providing low cost homes and reliable water sanitation to the poor in rural and urban Malawi, in a bid to improve their social welfare. CCODE also advocates for pro poor polices and works to engage stakeholders in dialogue that ultimately leads to developing and implementing solutions to meet challenges facing the urban poor. CCODE was created specifically to support the Malawi Homeless People’s Federation (Federation), a grassroots network of poor communities involved in a community savings program.


Address: 2nd Floor Nasaha Building, Near Area 3 Market, Colby Street, P.O Box 2109, Lilongwe, Malawi

Email Address: malawiccode@gmail.com

Website Adddress: www.ccodemw.org

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