INTERNATIONAL NETWORK OF COMMUNITY ACTION – INTERACTION is an association, legal person of private law and non-profit organizations, founded in December 2004 in São Paulo, Brazil.INTERACTION is the representative of SDI – Slums Dwellers International, headquartered in South Africa, whose network currently consists of 32 countries located in Africa, Asia and Latin America.This international organization is formed by an independent network of organizations of civil society and structured from the popular self-management initiatives.
The performance of Interaction with the communities living in slums or favelas is to provide technical support for them to establish and conquer development goals from initiatives to ensure improvement of housing conditions, financial education, income generation, environmental conservation and citizenship . The implementation of the methodology has also proved conducive to the recovery of self-esteem and the concept of citizenship, by stimulating the ability of perception and action in the community.
It is necessary to make special mention of incentives for female participation in savings groups. Although men are not excluded, information sharing is usually encouraged among women and the alliance with INTERACTION has promoted the emergence of women leaders.
The experiences of INTERACTION have led the establishment of communication channels between citizens and governments, making public policies are formulated and implemented, and operate more effectively, ie, favoring good governance. The access to better living conditions and opportunities for income generation, with greater participation of women in decision making processes promote greater equity in Brazilian society.

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