Pupkewitz Foundations

At Pupkewitz Holdings, caring for communities is as important to us, as our role as market leaders by serving our customer’s needs. We see these two roles as being a natural symbiotic relationship, where the latter sustains the former purely for philanthropic reasons.

We believe that by caring for our fellow Namibians, we develop a deeper appreciation of people, which in turn allows us to better understand and serve our customers.

Pupkewitz Holdings initiated its “Social Investment Program” during 2003, through the establishment of the Pupkewitz Foundation.

We recognize that corporate social investment can only be effective, when every Dollar invested has a multiplier effect, by ensuring the sustainability of beneficiary projects and the general upliftment of people’s livelihoods.

The Pupkewitz Foundation has adopted a broad based approach within areas where real needs exist, primarily in community care, educational endeavours and environmental initiatives. A fair and equitable approach to all enquiries is ensured, where prudent financial custodianship is expected of the beneficiary groups, with the Foundation providing guidance, governance and technical support, thus ensuring transparency and accountability of the parties.

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