8 Mile Football Club

Urban Poverty Fighter

Blommetjie Kahiha Blommetjie is passionate about creating a better life for the youth in her community in Katature, the large low-income area in Windhoek, Namibia.

When the youth expressed an interest in soccer, she helped them find vacant land and secured permission from the local authorities to use it as a sportsground. She sees this as a brilliant way to keep the kids out of trouble and create positive and affirmative structure in their lives. That is how the 8 Mile Football Club was formed. A little bit of help and already almost 30 children are ready to join the local league.

You can help these 30 children by contributing towards the purchase of small equipment, such as soccer balls, team jerseys and boots; or towards large equipment like goalposts for the soccer field.

Across Namibia, other Federation groups have been inspired by this project. You can contribute towards these groups’ efforts to start their own youth sporting and cultural organizations – creating a ripple effect from this project in Windhoek across Namibia.

You can support the 8 Mile Football Club by purchasing team uniforms, soccer balls, and football boots, contributing towards goal posts and other large equipment, or by providing funds to help other youth groups starting sporting and cultural organizations of their own.