Craft Beer Widows

Urban Poverty Fighter

Joyce Kulekuru and other women in her savings groups became widows at an early age. They had to find a way to feed and clothe their children. Joyce had always been known for her millet brew beer (a Ugandan favourite). She decided to turn a traditional skill, passed on by her mother into a small enterprise.

She joined forces with her friends. They pooled their small savings and used that to get a loan from the federation to buy the materials and equipment necessary to begin brewing beer for sale.

When we visited the Craft Beer Widows at their tavern in Jinja, it was packed. But it is one thing manufacturing and producing enough beer to live from hand to mouth. It is another thing to create a sustainable small business.

The Craft Beer Widows need your support to purchase ingredients like millet, sorghum, and yeast, to upgrade their equipment, and to provide training to more women so that they can take their production and sales to the next level.

In addition, there are hundreds of other women in savings groups across Jinja who have been inspired by the Craft Beer Widows to start their own livelihoods projects and need your support to get things started.

Support Joyce and her savings group by contributing towards the purchase of millet, sorghum and yeast and beer brewing equipment, or you can offer livelihood support for other women in Jinja interested in starting small businesses like this one.