Freedom Square Water Services Installation Project

Urban Poverty Fighter

Moses is a Barefoot Plumber living in Freedom Square, Gobabis.

Moses and his fellow federation members were fortunate to receive training on how to read layout maps and install water pipes and fire hydrants. This training is now being put to use in the installation of water service pipes for their entire community of several hundred households. This is easier said than done!

The residents of Freedom Square, like over 1 billion slum dwellers around the world, simply do not have access to municipal services. The residents conducted a household-to-household survey to establish what the priority need was in Freedom Square. Water was the community’s overwhelming priority. Following the survey, a mapping exercise enabled Freedom Square residents to re-organize the layout of the homes and businesses in their settlement to create space for water services. Once this was done, the Freedom Square community negotiated with the city: if city authorities provided a hook-up to the bulk services of Gobabis, the community would install the smaller pipes to link households to the water grid.

This is where Moses comes in. It is his job to link the households in Freedom Square to the main water grid for Gobabis. This is a big job, and many more Barefoot Plumbers are needed to make it happen. You can help Moses pass on his knowledge and skills by contributing towards a training program to produce 20 new barefoot plumbers in Gobabis. Not to mention the need for pipes, tools and other technical equipment needed for installation.

In addition, there are countless other communities across Namibia in need of water services. You can help these communities by contributing towards water service projects across Namibia.

Support Moses and the Freedom Square community by contributing towards the training of 20 Barefoot Plumbers, the purchase of equipment and tools, or support water projects across Namibia by contributing towards the replication of this project in other cities.