Future Education

Urban Poverty Fighter

In 2007, Ewethe Esme took out a loan from her savings group to start a crèche.

Ewethe decided to start the crèche after three children in her area fell sick and died as a result of playing in the rubbish dump. The crèche has grown and now caters for 93 children in three classes.

The majority of the women in this settlement are employed as domestic workers. They leave home early and come back late, generally leaving their children home alone as there are very few childcare facilities in the area.

Because of the great need for child care in the community, Ewethe’s crèche is open from 7am and runs three classes from age 1 through 6 years old. Because Ewethe wants to make sure that the crèche is accessible to as many families as possible, her rates are very reasonable. As such, it is hard for her to meet all the creche’s needs.

To continue serving her community Ewethe needs to purchase a number of items for the crèche: she needs a stove in the kitchen, AstroTurf in the playground, and toys, tables and chairs in the classrooms. In addition, Ewethe would like to establish a food garden in order to improve food security for children in the settlement.

Of course, there are thousands of other kids in need of affordable childcare facilities like Ewethe’s. You can assist other savings groups to start similar businesses by contributing here.

You can help Ewethe and the children in her crèche by purchasing equipment and furniture for the crèche. You can also get involved by contributing towards the establishment of a food garden, or the replication of this project in other settlements and cities across Namibia.