Havana Youth Library

Urban Poverty Fighter

Tresia Shikongo, and many young people like her in Havana informal settlement, has to walk approximately 12km to access library facilities.

This is quite a  distance  for  anyone  to  walk, particularly  children  of  primary  school  age. Tresia and her peer  in  the  Havana Youth   Group   decided that the solution was a library in their very own settlement.

Every Sunday, the Havana Youth Group meets to discuss how they can develop themselves and their peers in Windhoek’s slums. One of their challenges is the fact that the closest library is quite a distance from their settlement. This means that children often have to study at home, but most houses in the settlement do not have electricity - making it hard for children to study after dark.

This project seeks to address these challenges by building a library in Havana. Using shipping containers, the youth have planned to build a community library powered by solar energy where children, youth, and adults can meet to study and learn close to home.

You can help by contributing towards the purchase of two shipping containers, which will house the library. You can also contribute towards resourcing the library with a solar energy system as well as books, computers, chairs and desks.