Kawama Incremental Housing

Urban Poverty Fighter

The Federation women in Loise Chilembwe’s community of Kawama, an informal settlement in Jinja, Uganda have been struggling for years to build houses for their members.

Loise  belongs to a  group  of  Mamas  in  Kawama  who hand  mold  cement blocks.  The blocks are used in the construction of federation houses, theirs included, as part of the Kawama housing project.  However, due to inadequate tools and machinery, the enterprising Mamas are only able to mold one block at a time.

It has been a long road for these Mamas. First, they had to struggle to secure their land. Then they had to contend with numerous attempts by others to take over their projects. Slowly but surely, though, they are achieving results.

With the land now secured, the federation has begun to build affordable homes on the plot. Housing construction is done in an incremental manner to ensure affordability. Both one and two bedroom houses will be constructed, as dictated by the need of each household. Once construction has been completed, federation members will be able to access loans from their savings groups to extend their houses as their families grow.

Linda and her fellow members have been molding cement blocks by hand and using them to construct their houses. Their problem is that as demand for houses grows, they still only have the most rudimentary tools: one simple mold, which means they can only make a single block at a time.

You can help Loise and her community by contributing towards the purchase of building materials such as cement, essential equipment like overalls and wheel barrows, or the training and certification of community construction workers. You can also help the community to dramatically improve production by contributing towards the purchase of a hydra-foam block-making machine.

The Kawama community needs construction materials, more trained construction workers, and a block-making machine to more effectively improve peoples’ lives.