Kikoy Making

Urban Poverty Fighter

A few years ago, a group of urban poor women from Dar es Salaam visited a Kikoyi and Kanga making cooperative in Lilongwe, Malawi.

One of these women, Rahma Francis Mvula, had an enterprising spirit and decided that she and the other women in her savings group would start to make and sell Kikoyis and Kangas in their settlement.

Kangas and Kikoyis are very popular forms of clothing throughout East Africa. Kikoyis are known for their beautiful colours, and Kangas are known for the messages (“jina”) that are printed along their borders.

There is a common Swahili Proverb that says “a woman can’t be happy until she has a thousand Kangas”. Rahma and her friends have given this saying a twist, saying that “a woman can’t be happy until she can make and sell a thousand Kangas”

While Rahma and her savings group are doing their part to meet this goal, they need your help to make it a reality.

You can help Rahma and her group by contributing towards the purchase of raw materials such as cotton and dye or towards new sewing machines, or you help other women in the savings group to start kikoyi & kanga businesses of their own