Kombo Settlement, Vinguguti Household Sewerage Connection

Urban Poverty Fighter

Lucia Andrews has lived in the Vinguguti community for most of her life. During that time, her family never had access to safe, affordable sanitation services.

This meant going to the bathroom in unsafe, unhygienic conditions for Lucia’s family and the community at large. In 2013, the Tanzania federation began research into innovative sanitation solutions to improve conditions in Vinguguti. Through a participatory design process that involved the whole community, a flexible design with lower costs emerged. When Lucia heard about this, she joined a savings group so that she could contribute towards the costs of upgrading her family’s toilets.

To date, 44 households (230 people) have been connected to the Simplified Sewerage System. The Vinguguti sanitation project has made a world of difference in the lives of the 230 people in the community with improved sanitation, but there many more people who need to be connected.

You can help improve health, hygiene, and dignity for the members of Lucia’s community by supporting 1 household to connect, 10 households, or 50 households.