Lusaka West Solar Project

Urban Poverty Fighter

Letty Njobvu used a loan from her savings group to provide solar kits to poor households on the fringes of Lusaka.

She is able to provide the kits at a subsidized  cost,  allowing  more  households  to  meet their energy needs in a safe and affordable manner.

A number of unplanned settlements, such as Lusaka West, do not qualify for basic services from the government. This includes such essential needs as housing, toilets, recreational facilities, roads and electricity. This project aims to increase access to basic services through the provision of solar household systems (SHS) in Lusaka West. Not only does the project help
households overcome energy poverty, the project will also improve environmental quality.

Lusaka West is home to hundreds of families, and Letty’s savings group will not be able to meet all of their energy needs on their own. They need to support to acquire more solar kits, train the community to use the kits optimally, and support training and equipment for solar technicians to install and maintain the solar technology.

You can support the installation of one household solar kit, training on use of the solar kits, or training and equipment for the solar technicians.