Masala Market Sanitation Unit

Urban Poverty Fighter

Mary Chipepa is one of thousands of traders in the Masala Market.

Using a loan from her savings group, she secured a stall in the market and began trading. She now spends every day at the market selling her wares. The money she makes helps her meet some of her family’s daily needs and pays the school fees for her children.

The Masala Market is one of the busiest markets in Zambia. There are 3,000 traders, including fish traders, restaurants, agro-products vendors, carpenters, fruit and vegetable sellers and hardware suppliers to mention a few. An estimated 30,000 shoppers pass through the market each day. Because of this, the need for adequate sanitation facilities, namely toilets, is very high.

In response to this need, Mary and her savings group decided to combine their savings towards the construction of a public sanitation facility for the market. The sanitation facility will be next to the Main Masala Bus Station, which serves passengers arriving from across the country, and will be owned and managed by the community.

You can help Mary and her savings group by donating towards the purchase of doors, toilet seats and wash basins for the facility, or you can contribute towards the cost of maintaining the facility.

Of course, the need for safe, hygienic sanitation is one that extends across Zambia. We invite you to contribute towards the replication of this project in other settlements and cities across Zambia, too.

Help Mary and her savings group by contributing towards the purchase of construction materials or maintenance costs for the Masala Market Sanitation Facility, or support the federation replicate this project elsewhere.