Ruimsig Solar Project

Urban Poverty Fighter

Albert Masibigiri is a community solar technician in Ruimsig, South Africa

The 500+ households living in Ruimsig informal settlement do not have access to electricity. Albert and his fellow community leaders decided to do something about this. They set up a solar energy hub which provides clean and safe energy to the households in the settlement.

Before Albert set up the energy hub the residents either relied on dangerous and unhealthy alternatives like paraffin lamps or connected illegally to formal houses, paying exorbitant amounts for this risky and dubious privilege. Seeking a safer, more affordable energy solution for his community, Albert hooked up with the South African Federation to procure appropriate technology and train community members as hub operators. To date, 75 households have had solar home systems installed in their shacks, providing energy for lighting, radio, TV and cell phone charging.

Albert and his fellow community leaders aim to connect all of Ruimsig’s households to Solar Home Systems, eliminating the risk of fire entirely from the settlement, but they need more trained technicians, and some families are too poor to purchase the systems. You can assist the Ruimsig community by contributing towards the training of more technicians, and the purchase of Solar Home Systems for the settlement’s poorest residents.

In addition, there are hundreds of other communities that are energy poor just as Ruimsig was. You can assist the South African Federation to replicate this project in other settlements by contributing towards energy justice projects in South Africa.

Support Albert to train more solar energy technicians or purchase a Solar Home System for Ruimsig’s poorest residents, or support the replication of energy justice projects in South Africa.