Book Binding Project

Urban Poverty Fighter

Diana Najjuko and the other women in her savings group decided to take care of their families by meeting a need they saw everywhere in their community: affordable work books for school kids.

So, starting with their own daily savings they applied to the savings group for a livelihoods loan. When it was approved, they began to purchase materials and equipment to start binding workbooks. Today their workbooks are so popular that they simply cannot keep up with demand.

You can support Diana and her savings group by contributing towards the purchase of raw materials like adhesive and book binding needles, or you can help her train more women from the community make work books.

There are hundreds of women across Jinja interested in starting livelihoods projects like Diana’s. You can help them reach their goals by providing general support to livelihoods development in Jinja.

Support Diana by contributing towards the purchase of raw materials, help her train more women, or support livelihoods projects like Diana’s for women across Jinja.