School Uniforms

Urban Poverty Fighter

Linda Chinumuna started her cut, make, and trim business with a loan she got from her savings groups.

She manufactures school uniforms – from hats and ties, to school bags and satchels. Her business has grown and she now employs 8 people.

Employment is often hard to come by in Zimbabwe, and many savings group members struggle daily to make ends meet. In response to this need, Linda wants train other women in her savings group who want to start similar businesses to support themselves and their families.

In addition, the savings group has initiated a project to provide school uniforms to children whose parents cannot afford to do so. They believe firmly that no child should miss school because she does not have a school uniform.

Linda needs your help to purchase an industrial iron and over-locker. You can also get involved by paying for one child to get a school uniform or for budding entrepreneurs to be trained to set up similar businesses.