Stoneridge Transit Housing

Urban Poverty Fighter

Alice is one of several hundred people evicted from their homes in Arlington at the end of January 2016. They were relocated to a settlement called Stoneridge on the outskirts of Harare.

Alice and her neighbors are trying to pick up the pieces and build roofs over the families’ heads.

The Arlington evictees joined about 3,000 other families who were also resettled at Stoneridge, a plot of land that was once a farm on the outskirts of Harare. About half the families were allocated plots without any basic services, while the others were told to wait.

As part of relief efforts, the federation is providing wooden cabins as temporary shelter while families negotiate and save for a longer-term solution. Because the land lacks basic services, a borehole is also needed in the newly occupied section of the land in order to provide water for the relocated households.

You can help Alice by contributing towards the cost of materials and construction of her transit home. You can also offer support to the community so that boreholes can be sunk, community construction teams can be trained and building materials can be purchased.