Streetfood Sisters

Urban Poverty Fighter

60 years old, Mariam Daudi is a single mother involved in selling snacks (vitumbua in Swahili) along the street of Keko Machungwa settlement in Dar es Salaam.

Mariam started this business in 2013 as a source of income to provide for herself and 10 family dependents. In 2015, she joined Mkenga Federation group after seeing how other women strengthened their businesses by helping each other and developing a strong women’s voice in their community.

There are thousands of other women in Mariam’s settlement and across Dar es Salaam in desperate need of the skills and resources to establish their own small businesses. Thanks to the Tanzania Federation, Urban Poverty Fighters like Mariam can reach out to fellow slum dwellers in over 75 informal settlements across Dar es Salaam.

Help Mariam and her fellow UPFs train urban poor women to stand on their own two feet by learning how to run small street food vending enterprises themselves, or you can provide start-up capital for similar initiatives in other settlements in Tanzania.