Tinasonke Housing Project

Urban Poverty Fighter

Cynthia Yalezo is a Barefoot Architect in her community of Tinasonke, an informal settlement outside of Johannesburg, South Africa. After being relocated from Alberton Station informal settlement, Cynthia and 500 other families in Tinasonke have lived without safe, adequate housing for years.

This project, run by a women-led team of “Barefoot Architects,” needs your support to help these families finally get the homes they deserve.

The residents in Tinasonke have lived for many years in unsafe makeshift shelters made of scraps of wood and tin. Cynthia and the other women in her community decided to do something about this. They joined forces with the South African Federation to start saving money towards safe, secure homes for their families.

Cynthia and her fellow federation members are doing their best to construct homes for the hundreds of families in her community still without homes, but the federation needs more Barefoot Architects to get houses built faster and building materials are too costly for some of Tinasonke’s poorest residents.

In addition, there are hundreds of other communities across Johannesburg living in overcrowded, unsafe homes vulnerable to floods, fires and extreme temperatures. You can assist the South African Federation to replicate this project in other settlements by contributing towards housing projects in South Africa.

You can help Cynthia and her fellow federation members train more Barefoot Architects, contribute towards building materials for Tinasonke’s poorest residents, or help more families across South Africa build formal homes.