Tuerijandjera Settlement Profile

Urban Poverty Fighter

Whitey Muhoko is an urban poverty fighter from Tuerijandjera settlement in Gobabis.

Whitey became involved in community planning activities in order to have the tools to actively participate in the planning and development of her settlements. Community planning activities began with a household-to-household socio-economic survey (enumeration) which provided Tuerijandjera residents with critical information on their development priorities and where, through mapping exercises, services infrastructure could be placed.

Enumeration of the Tuerijandjera settlement is part of the broader Namibia Community Land Information Programme (CLIP). As part of this programme, the Namibian Federation has conducted community-driven slum profiles and enumerations in over 250 settlements across 110 urban / emerging urban areas throughout Namibia. Door-to-door collection and verification of data by community members produces a wealth of rich data that is invaluable to communities' negotiations with local authorities around development plans and priorities.

Enumerations need to be updated regularly to remain relevant to the community and city government. The Tuerijandjera federation needs materials, technology, and training in order to be able to keep their community’s data up to date. In addition, there are hundreds more settlements across Namibia that still need to be counted. You can support the Namibian federation with training and materials to replicate these data collection exercises in cities across Namibia.

You can help Tuerijandjera and other communities get on the map by donating towards the training of enumerators. You can also contribute to the purchase of GPS devices, clipboards, paints and pegs.