A brief introduction to partnership-based upgrading

30 Nov 2010

By Benjamin Bradlow, SDI secretariatThere is not and will never be a one-size-fits-all approach to upgrading informal settlements. Every settlement has its own technical issues such as land ownership, land...

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18 families move into houses in San Isidro, Philippines

24 Nov 2010

                        Cross-posted from the Homeless Visayas blog of the Filipino SDI allianceFollowing the turn-over ceremony in CLIFF- San Isidro,...

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Southern African Hub learns about GIS Mapping

24 Nov 2010

By George Masimba, People's Dialogue on Shelter, Zimbabwe Enumerations have been evolving within SDI and largely this has been made possible through peer-based learning in the form of exchanges visits...

Slum dwellers take the lead in building partnerships

19 Nov 2010

By Benjamin Bradlow, SDI secretariat“If we think we can build houses for the poor without the poor, we will never make it,” said Jerry Ekandjo, Namibian Minister of Regional and...

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