Uganda Loses USD $177m Annually Due to Poor Sanitation: What is the Federati ...

24 May 2012

By Skye Dobson, SDI Secretariat  A World Bank report released this month estimates Uganda loses USD $177 million annually due to poor sanitation. According to the report, Economic Impacts of...

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The Art of Ark Building in Langrug, South Africa

21 May 2012

**Cross-posted from the CORC blog**  By Walter Fieuw, CORC The dystopia of the urbanisation of poverty is a confounding reality, to say the least. People eek out a living in...

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South Africa

Community Policing in Slum Settlements

07 May 2012

By Skye Dobson, CCI, & SPARC As with many projects in the SDI network, the Tanzanian federation’s community policing project was in large part inspired by the experience of slum...

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