Kampala Communities Collect Data to Break City’s Implementation Impasse

29 Nov 2013

Photo: On the left, the site of an eviction in Kisenyi, Kampala, contrasted with congested living conditions in Kisenyi on the right.  - By Skye Dobson, ACTogether Uganda Images of...

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VOICES: Women & Sanitation in Nairobi's Slums

22 Nov 2013

Back in April, we posted an article about women and sanitation in Nairobi's slums. ("In A Risky Place: Women & Sanitation in Nairobi's Slums" ). Recently, we revisited the audio...

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Community-Driven Solutions to Climate Change

11 Nov 2013

Edith Samia of the National Slum Dwellers Federation of Uganda being interviewed at the Local Climate Solutions for Africa (LOCS) conference.  By Mara Forbes, SDI Secretariat  “Climate change is improving...

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We Count: Settlement Profiling in Nairobi, Kenya

08 Nov 2013

**Cross-posted from the Muungano Support Trust blog** By Shadrack Mbaka, Muungano Support Trust (Kenya) According to the English dictionary, the word eviction is the removal of a tenant from possession of...

Southern African Regional Hub Meeting

05 Nov 2013

In July 2013 the Southern Africa Regional Hub - consisting of the SDI-affiliated urban poor federations from South Africa, Malawi, Swaziland, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Angola, Namibia, and Botswana - met in...

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The Formal Politics of Informal Projects: Part II

01 Nov 2013

**For part I of this story, click here.** By Fariria Shumba (Peoples Process on Housing and Poverty- Zambia) & Noah Schermbrucker, SDI Secretariat In September of this year delegations from...

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