Innovative Communal Sanitation Models for the Urban Poor: Lessons from Uganda

27 Oct 2014

This paper describes the construction and management processes related to two toilet blocks in Uganda, one in Jinja and one in Kampala. Designs, financial models and insights into the process...

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Achieving Universal Sanitation: Sharing the Experience of the SDI Affiliate ...

23 Oct 2014

By Diana Mitlin, IIED and Mercy Kamwanja, CCODE (Malawi)   Achieving universal access to sanitation is going to take a lot. In the urban context, high residential densities and extremely...

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Community Savings: a basic building block in the work of urban poor federations

21 Oct 2014

This paper describes the community savings groups that are the foundation of many federations of slum/shack dwellers/homeless people in Africa, Asia and Latin America. It reports on discussions with federation...

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Academic Partnerships to Co-Produce Knowledge

20 Oct 2014

SDI affiliates continued to work closely with academic institutions to co-produce knowledge through undertaking collective planning studios. SDI’s position is that these types of engagements expose students and academics to informal...

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The Slum Dwellers' Nobel Peace Prize Nominee

14 Oct 2014

**Cross-posted from The Guardian** By John Perry, Friday 10 October 2014 10.28 BST In nominations for the Nobel Peace Prize, grassroots activists usually compete with politicians. Few of the latter, however, have...

In Situ Upgrading and Accessible Cities

09 Oct 2014

Accessible and inclusive cities demand systems and policies that provide the poor with equal access to the social, economic, and service benefits of the formal city. Relocation to the periphery...

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"Sanitation and Shelter for Everyone" Says SDI President Jockin

07 Oct 2014

**Cross posted from The Hindu** By Aparna Karthikeyan Sanitation and shelter are for everyone, says Jockin Arputham, the Mumbai-based activist who has been nominated for this year’s Nobel Peace Prize....

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The Post MDG Debate: "For the Poor," but no Voice of the Poor

02 Oct 2014

An influential debate is playing out in the proverbial halls of global development decision-making far from the informal settlements in African cities. The basic targets that will drive government decisions around spending and...

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