Scaling up Shared Latrine Options: Karakata settlement, Dar-es-Salaam

10 Jul 2014

By Tim Ndezi, Director Centre for Community Initiatives (CCI), Tanzania & Noah Schermbucker, SDI Secretariat  Introduction: Provision of sanitation services to informal settlements is a challenging task for city authorities...

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Jockin Arputham: From Slum Dweller to Nobel Peace Prize Nominee

07 Jul 2014

'Jockin-sir', as Mumbai's slum dwellers call him, is an inspirational figure helping India's dispossessed stand up for their rights, find new homes, and plot a way out of urban poverty...

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A Major Milestone in SDI’s History

03 Jul 2014

When most people think about SDI they have imageries of pavement dwellers in Mumbai, shackdwellers in Nairobi or backyarders in Cape Town. And as far as actual SDI members are...

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