SDI is a global network of slum dwellers driving a collective, bottom-up change agenda for inclusive and resilient cities.

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Local voices share stories of resilience and change from slums around the world.

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Bringing slum dwellers' rich lived experience and knowledge into research, policy, and development work.

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Explore our data collected in over 5,000 slums in more than 18 countries across the global south.

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Learn about the long and rich history of our social movement in each of the countries in the SDI network.

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Dive into our Know Your City (KYC) portal, home to community-collected slum data from over 5,000 slums in more than18 countries across the global south.

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Explore our knowledge hub

Explore our growing collection of research and evidence reports that bring decades of slum dweller experience and knowledge into advocacy, policy and development work.

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Know Your City TV (KYC.TV) mobilises young people in slums to make media that makes change. We believe in the power of art, story and creativity for social impact. Explore our work here.

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