Exploring Entrepreneurship Opportunities: TFUP Visit to SabaSaba International Trade Fair 2023

In celebrating of the SabaSaba International Trade Fair in 2023, the Tanzania Federation of Urban Poor (TFUP) embarked on a mission to celebrate and promote entrepreneurship within the federation groups. Recognising the immense potential and power of entrepreneurship to uplift communities, TFUP took the opportunity to visit various pavilions at the event, each representing essential institutions and organisations dedicated to empowering entrepreneurs.

One noteworthy pavilion TFUP visited was the Tanzania Women of Chamber of Commerce (TWCC), where they gained invaluable insight into the challenges and opportunities faced by women entrepreneurs in the country. TFUP’s commitment to gender equality and inclusivity was further reinforced by their engagement with TWCC, as they explored ways to support and elevate women-owned businesses.

AZANIA Bank was another pavilion that TFUP explored during the event. They learned about the financial services and resources available for entrepreneurs to register their businesses, access loans, and achieve sustainable growth. By understanding the intricacies of banking and financial support, TFUP aimed to equip its members with the necessary knowledge to make informed decisions for their enterprises.

Additionally, TFUP explored the Business Registration and Licensing Agency (BRELA) pavilion to familiarize themselves with the legal aspects of establishing and operating a business. By understanding the registration procedures and requirements, TFUP aimed to guide its members in navigating the bureaucratic landscape with ease and confidence.

This enlightening experience was the result of collaborative efforts between the Dar es Salaam Regional office and development officers within the movement. TFUP’s vision of achieving economic growth and empowerment for its members through entrepreneurship was reaffirmed during this visit. The knowledge gained about business registration, product marketing, sales, and access to financial resources will undoubtedly contribute to the transformation of TFUP’s communities into thriving entrepreneurial hubs.

Empowering Entrepreneurs and Strengthening Community-Government Ties: A Transformative Visit to Dar es Salaam’s Federation Groups

In a momentous effort to bolster economic growth, foster community development, and enhance collaboration between local entrepreneurs and the government, the Region office, through the Business Officer of Dar es Salaam joined hands with the development officers from Kinondoni District, Temeke, and Ilala, alongside the esteemed Center for Community Initiatives (CCI), in a significant visit to the Federation groups within the region of Dar es Salaam.

The primary objective of this visit was two-fold: to elevate the status and potential of the entrepreneurial groups that form part of the Tanzania Federation of Urban Poor (TFUP) and to establish stronger bonds between these groups and the government. Recognising the vital role these enterprising individuals play in the socioeconomic fabric of Dar es Salaam, the collaborative effort aimed to empower them further, providing opportunities for growth, and amplifying their voices in policy-making decisions.

The delegation embarked on a comprehensive journey across the bustling neighborhoods of Dar es Salaam, engaging with a diverse array of Federation groups. The entrepreneurs showcased their innovative ventures, from local market stalls selling handmade crafts to emerging tech start-ups with a vision to revolutionise the digital landscape. The passion and dedication of these entrepreneurs left an indelible impression on the visiting officials and reaffirmed the significance of their mission.

Through interactive workshops and town-hall discussions, the government representatives and CCI professionals shed light on various support programs, funding opportunities, and business development resources available to Federation members. These initiatives aimed to equip entrepreneurs with the necessary tools to strengthen their enterprises and drive sustainable economic growth within their communities.

Moreover, the visit emphasised the importance of collaboration and communication between the government and the entrepreneurial ecosystem. The participating officials pledged to streamline bureaucratic processes, facilitate access to capital, and implement policies that fostered a favourable business environment for the Federation groups.

As the delegation immersed themselves in the vibrant tapestry of Dar es Salaam’s entrepreneurial spirit, they also took the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the challenges and aspirations of the local communities. Listening intently to the stories and experiences shared, the officials vowed to address the socio-economic disparities and work towards a more inclusive and equitable future.

SDI Receives the Skoll Award for Social Entrepreneurship

SDI is increasingly receiving international attention and recognition. The recent Nobel Peace Prize nomination bares testament to this. The Nobel committee nominated Jockin Arputham and SDI for the social progress in improving conditions in cities across the developing world and facilitating dialogue between the urban poor and government authorities.

SDI is one of seven innovative organizations receiving the 2014 Skoll Awards for Social Entrepreneurship. Winners of the Skoll Award share several characteristics; among these, each is led by a social entrepreneur and has developed an innovation that enables it to effect large-scale change related to one of the world’s most pressing problems. The Skoll Awards are designed for leaders whose experiences in social change allow them to contribute to a peer network committed to continuous learning and shared expertise. The Skoll Awards help organizations scale the impact of their work to a larger national or global level by providing a multiyear grant for core support to expand programs and capacity. Beyond monetary investment, Skoll Foundation fosters collaboration and partnership between organizations.

SDI is being recognized by The Skoll Foundation for its work in supporting slum dwellers around the world in improving their cities. SDI has been operating in the urban poverty space for 15 years and has been a leader in creating a united and organized voice of the urban poor on the international stage. SDI’s network of urban poor federations is primarily built around women-led savings schemes. These savings operate as a mechanism for monetizing social capital in communities and assists communities to negotiate with formal authorities to leverage far greater resources for developing their neighborhoods. Since SDI is focused on the local priorities, needs, and capacities of slum dwellers, it has developed the traction to advance a grassroots agenda of creating “pro-poor” cities that address the pervasive exclusion of the poor from the economies and political structures of 21st century cities. SDI understands that organized communities have a catalytic role to play in alleviating urban poverty – at the household, settlement, city, national, and international level.

Jockin Arputham will be accepting the award at the 11th Annual Skoll World Forum in Oxford from 9-11 April. The Skoll World Forum is the premier conference on social entrepreneurship which focuses on best practices, new innovations and connecting leaders from social, finance, private and public sectors to one another to further global social progress. The Award Ceremony and key sessions from the World Forum will be streamed live.

For more information of the 2014 Skoll Awards, click here.