Access to clean, reliable, safe, and affordable sources of energy is identified by SDG-7 as a key driver of development. During the past four years, SDI has sought to deliver scalable models for safe, affordable, and reliable renewable energy access. This work has been incorporated into the SDI network’s strategy for creating inclusive and resilient cities where the lives of the urban poor are substantively improved. SDI’s EJP has been fully integrated into SDI’s strategic plans and Theory of Change, along each of the three change pathways: settlement, city, and global.

This report provides an overview of the progress of the last 4 years of SDI’s EJP and its evolving strategy going forward. Firstly, the report sets the scene regarding the intentions of the programme at its inception, which broadly entailed integrating energy service provision into SDI’s agenda for incremental settlement upgrading and wider strategies for change. From there the report looks at the linkages between SDI’s energy work and the SDI Theory of Change. It then proceeds to outline progress made during the programme to date. Finally the report touches on emerging strategies, which will take the programme forward.