SDI invites federation youth to tackle youth inclusion

by James Tayler

Youth inclusion takes centre stage as Slum Dwellers International invites its youth to participate in a digital survey to co-create a strategy for youth in the SDI network.

Are you a youth? Would you like to have your say? The time is now!

We at SDI are launching the #SDIYouth campaign to broaden and deepen our youth work and ensure youth programs are youth-led. The campaign also seeks to respond to youth’s priorities from informal settlements.

The campaign was launched and ideated based on numerous consultations with youth across the network and building upon the existing youth inclusion framework. Through the youth consultations, the youth identified and prioritised nine key outcomes.

Outcomes are the changes that occur as a result of our actions. The outcomes will serve as the foundation for SDI’s Youth Theory of Change which aims to guide youth-led programs over the next five years. They will also contribute significantly to the broader SDI Strategic Planning process, which will start later this year.

Federation Youth showcasing their love of inclusion
Federation youth are excited about inclusion and are co-creating outcomes in the development of a Theory of Change for youth.

Have your say! Your voice counts!

Take our #SDIYouth Survey and share your insights and ideas with us to assist in fleshing out our outcomes.

Join the conversation on our social channels and join the #SDIYouth movement.

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