Exploring Entrepreneurship Opportunities: TFUP Visit to SabaSaba International Trade Fair 2023

by James Tayler

In celebrating of the SabaSaba International Trade Fair in 2023, the Tanzania Federation of Urban Poor (TFUP) embarked on a mission to celebrate and promote entrepreneurship within the federation groups. Recognising the immense potential and power of entrepreneurship to uplift communities, TFUP took the opportunity to visit various pavilions at the event, each representing essential institutions and organisations dedicated to empowering entrepreneurs.

One noteworthy pavilion TFUP visited was the Tanzania Women of Chamber of Commerce (TWCC), where they gained invaluable insight into the challenges and opportunities faced by women entrepreneurs in the country. TFUP’s commitment to gender equality and inclusivity was further reinforced by their engagement with TWCC, as they explored ways to support and elevate women-owned businesses.

AZANIA Bank was another pavilion that TFUP explored during the event. They learned about the financial services and resources available for entrepreneurs to register their businesses, access loans, and achieve sustainable growth. By understanding the intricacies of banking and financial support, TFUP aimed to equip its members with the necessary knowledge to make informed decisions for their enterprises.

Additionally, TFUP explored the Business Registration and Licensing Agency (BRELA) pavilion to familiarize themselves with the legal aspects of establishing and operating a business. By understanding the registration procedures and requirements, TFUP aimed to guide its members in navigating the bureaucratic landscape with ease and confidence.

This enlightening experience was the result of collaborative efforts between the Dar es Salaam Regional office and development officers within the movement. TFUP’s vision of achieving economic growth and empowerment for its members through entrepreneurship was reaffirmed during this visit. The knowledge gained about business registration, product marketing, sales, and access to financial resources will undoubtedly contribute to the transformation of TFUP’s communities into thriving entrepreneurial hubs.