Margaret Bayoh

Margaret Bayoh is a national leader of the Sierra Leone Federation of Urban and Rural Poor (FEDURP) which is the community counterpart of Centre of Dialogue on Human Settlement and Poverty Alleviation (CODOHSAPA), both of which are local affiliates of Slum Dwellers International global urban poor network. Margaret joined the federation as the collector of Agape Savings Group which was established in 2008, the same year the federation process was initiated in Sierra Leone. Her dedication and commitment have evolved her into serving in various local and national leadership of FEDURP. She is the head of savings and group mobilisation pillar of FEDURP and leader of the Women’s Wing, through which the federation has experienced numerical and spatial growth and expansion. Margaret has participated in series of local and international exchanges representing both her group locally and SL internationally, through which she has made significant contribution to the processes of sharing and learning of vital resources, skills and knowledge in the network. Margaret is a medical nurse who retired this year, after 38 years of dedicated service, especially in various health centers in informal settlements including Dworzack community, where she currently resides. Following, her retirement, she has dedicated over 75% of her time to serving and working with the federation and was recently nominated to serve on the SDI Board.

- Margaret Bayoh

Role: Member of the SDI Board of Directors
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