Joint Communique Against Forced Evictions Affecting the Urban Poor

Written By James Tayler

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Supporting Enumerations in Burkina Faso

Written By James Tayler

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New Affiliate in Burkina Faso Inspired by Visit to Ghana

Written By James Tayler

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Report of the SDI West Africa Hub Meeting | October 2017

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PRESS RELEASE: West African Movements of Urban Poor Call for Inclusive Cities

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Botswana Know Your City Exchange Report

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About Burkina Faso

As the first Francophone West African country, the work in Burkia Faso will open opportunities in other Francophone African countries. Through a joint program with the United Cities and Local Governments of Africa (UCLG-A) called the Know Your City Project, SDI is working closely with our contacts in Ouagadougou to begin establishing the SDI rituals of savings schemes, enumerations and fostering relationships with the local government within the informal settlements of the city. With the support of the Ghana Federation, the urban poor of Burkina Faso will learn more about SDI and the work of our affiliates.


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