Sierra Leone

After 3 years of mobilizing savings groups and building links with the Government under the YMCA Sierra Leone Slum Project, The Sierra Leone Federation of the Urban and Rural Poor (FEDURP) was officially launched in 2011. The Federation is present in 5 cities, including the capital Freetown. Over time the Federation has built strong relationships with local Government offices, along with the private and public sector. These relationships have resulted in both the Mayor and the Chief Administrator (CA) registering their support of the federation’s work. FEDURP is supported by the NGO Centre of Dialogue on Human Settlement and Poverty Alleviation (CODOHSAPA).


Contact Information

Contact Person:
Jalikatu Cotay (CODOHSAPA) / Yirah Conteh (Federation)

(+232) 76 660 266 (Jalikatu Cotay)

Email Address: