From Recovery to Resilience: Community-led Responses to Covid-19 in Informal Settlements

Written By James Tayler

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Responding to Covid 19: Update from the Botswana SDI Alliance

Written By James Tayler

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Know Your City Touches Down in Botswana

Written By James Tayler

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Research from Botswana

Covid-19 vaccine rollout: data from informal settlements in Harare, Kampala, Lilongwe and Mumbai

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The image is a cover image from the journal Environment & Urbanisation. The cover depicts a sprawling City nestled in a Bay. The City sweeps from the bay up onto a hill. The journal is Volume 34, Number 2 and it was published in October of 2022.

From Recovery to Resilience: Community-led Responses to Covid-19

Featured research

Mapping capacities of community leaders to adapt, be resilient and co-create locally, by Celine d’Cruz

Featured research

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About Botswana

The Botswana federation emerged with the support of the Zimbabwe federation. Activities include loans for small income-generating projects (e.g. agriculture, crafts) as well as savings towards procuring land, services and housing. In September 2015, Zimbabwe federation members visited Botswana to provide training on profiling and enumeration to its federation. The Botswana federation known as the Botswana Homeless & Poor Federation is supported by the Trust for Community Initiatives (TFCI) NGO, which is based in Francistown.


Active Cities: 2

Active Settlements: 38

Savings Groups: 198

Federation Members: 10000

Youth Federation Members: 303




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