Voicing the urban poor: New report highlights experiences from an energy justice programme

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From Recovery to Resilience: Community-led Responses to Covid-19 in Informal Settlements

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Community Based Organisations are Key to Covid-19 Response

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Research from Malawi

Covid-19 vaccine rollout: data from informal settlements in Harare, Kampala, Lilongwe and Mumbai

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The image is a cover image from the journal Environment & Urbanisation. The cover depicts a sprawling City nestled in a Bay. The City sweeps from the bay up onto a hill. The journal is Volume 34, Number 2 and it was published in October of 2022.

From Recovery to Resilience: Community-led Responses to Covid-19

Featured research

Mapping capacities of community leaders to adapt, be resilient and co-create locally, by Celine d’Cruz

Featured research

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Founded in 2003 through support from the Zimbabwean affiliate, the Homeless People’s Federation of Malawi has seen exponential growth in savings and credit practices, leading to the initiation of people-driven housing processes in Blantyre, Mzuzu and Lilongwe. As detailed by a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), The National Minister of Public Works has vowed to help the Federation access land for every member adhering to SDI rituals. The Malawi Federation is supported by Centre for Community Organisation and Development (CCODE), based in Lilongwe.


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